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In order for us to get you the most accurate quote possible please answer the following questions:

WHAT product are you ordering?

HOW many items in the order?

WHAT color are the items?

HOW many colors in the design?

HOW many locations will be printed on?

 ARE you supplying your own art*?

Or give us an idea of your budget and we will customize your order by price.

*Simple design work, art preparation free. Complicated design fees are based on the individual design. Contact us for a free quote.



What you see is what you get! Contact us for a free quote and that is what you pay, no fine print to be found.

Free Design work

If you want shirts but don't have a design for them yet, have no fear. Our expert designer will customize your artwork for you and simple designs are free of charge! More complex art will require a fee, inquire HERE for details.

Have questions?

We'd be happy to provide you with further pricing information at our shop or over the telephone at +1 703 3657706.